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 Photography by C.T. Bell @charlestbell for Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Jennifer was born in Peoria, Illinois to adventurous water loving parents, who had NO plans to welcome a precocious little girl into their lives, embraced the responsibility. Each born with salt-water in their veins and a love for the outdoors. They exposed Jennifer to their passions, from music to visual arts, road trips to sailing, gardening, and crafts.

Price-less gifts from parents who never stopped being themselves, despite each sacrificing dream careers. Uniting together, navigating the parental landscape. Providing their daughter a foundation to become the woman she is today.

Her entire life has revolved around an affection for science, with an educational focus on marine and medical biology (originally planned to attend veterinary school to become a marine mammal pathologist - aka. cut up dead marine mammals to understand how /why they died.) Jennifer always “majored” in the sciences and “minored” in the arts. One came easy and welcomed confidence.

The other, being artistic and despite high honors, never felt “good enough” to see it as anything but - a hobby. Veterinary school never came to be. Instead, succumbing to the weight of student loans, took a job in pathology with a well-known biotechnology company.

Working in the labs and alongside respected researchers, putting her college degrees to practical use, began discovering how being artistic was valuable in a technical world. Scientific illustration, a useful skill, as well as photography. Granted, her subjects were microscopic, mute, and never asked to be photoshopped.

A love of words and writing would also prove valuable. Important enough to encourage Jennifer to attend every writing class offered through her employer. Mastering abilities to pen technical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Study Protocols (which at any time, under the scrutiny of the FDA, which is far worse than the most meticulous professor with an endless supply of red pens.)

One would be quite surprised how necessary creative writing is, to the scientific author. Learning to break down complicated information for a general audience, who may not have a degree in medical biology (which is 100% ok!) It was writing, over illustration and photography, that would become the seed for a career outside scientific research (this seed was watered with a substantial yearning to go sailing and experience the world!)

Today Jennifer makes use of her passions for both PHOTOGRAPHY and WRITING to help clients tell their own story.

When not focused on work, Jennifer spends as much time as possible with her dog Monty, doing all things “dog-friendly!” From hiking to paddling - if “dogs are allowed” it’s a must-do! She loves to cook, especially for other people (signature dish: Shephard’s Pie!) There is also her complete obsession with designing the NEXT 4x4 home office!

Monty is a 2 1/2-year-old male Vizsla and a trained “model dog.” If you are a follower of Jennifer and Monty’s work together, visit their website MONDAYS WITH MONTY, where he and Jennifer offer pet photography workshops, entertainment, and pet photography sessions for dog lovers.

Photo Credits: C.T. Bell for Blue Ridge Overland Gear