Lets navigate challenging landscapes together.


Supporting communities impacted by cancer will deepen our connections with those who believe in the work we do, the products we create and services we provide. 


Who benefits most from our collaboration?

First and foremost, individuals diagnosed with cancer, their care-providers and loved ones. They are the muse, inspiration and reason why Jennifer loaded up the Jeep and pup to navigate the challenging landscapes of North America in search of their stories.

Due to the important connection between navigating physical "natural" landscapes and sharing the story of those navigating a cancer diagnosis, our combined story will reach thousands of individuals who share a love for the outdoors. The journey between connects this project with anyone curious about the wild, hard-to-reach places of North America. In following the story, our audience will be gaining a better appreciation for their public lands, National Forest, and ultimately the precious landscapes in their own backyards.

Lastly, this project is already adored by those who appreciate the companionship of a dog! To-date, EVERY person who shared a story had a story of how their dog(s) supported them through the hardships of cancer. Personally, Monty's contribution to this project is priceless! He makes those we meet feel more comfortable. Makes light of challenging times on the road. He keeps us safe and "pointing" in the right direction!


Your travels have help me in my own journey with having cancer take my wife. It's more then the cancer itself, it’s what it does to the lives around it, and without the support of others, it’s impossible. I hope that this book can help others, as you have help me.

-William Madsen, wife passed of bladder cancer in 2017.


This is WHY you should support:

Beautiful photography, well written stories and community-focused public events INSPIRE people to live. 
It feels GOOD to support those impacted by cancer and/or any life-altering event.
HELPING others navigate challenging literal and figurative landscapes is the right thing to do.
Participation will only welcome POSITIVE experiences for those involved.


Becoming a project co-partner is an easy investment with long-term benefits.


I am seeking co-partners who will make a monthly investment of $250

Each month of co-partnership will include the following:

  • Web-site placement *see footer*
  • Newsletter placement  *weekly updates*
  • YouTube placement *monthly updates: video credits + link in video description*
  • Instagram *once monthly post + story*

Additional collaborations may include:

  • Donating product to be included in "care-packages" distributed to those sharing their cancer story.
  • Donating product to distribute at "meet and greet" events (beginning October 2018.)

Lets Tell This Story Together!

Co-partnerships are open to established professional "entities" who share my interest, focus and dedication to being a positive influence on those working through challenging "life landscapes." They have a story themselves and by joining the journey, I will make sure their story is woven into the project. 

Co-partnerships begin the 1st of each month. Renewal notices are sent out the 15th of each month. To initiate your co-partnership, please choose your level of commitment below, once processed, you will be directed to an important form, please complete! I'll follow-up within 24-36 hours to request the following information:

  • Logos (high resolution .jpg with WHITE background preferred)
  • Share the "WHY!" I want to include your brand and your company's good work INTO the story. Your story will be woven into the project updates, blog posts, articles, social media posts, and public presentations.

*Jennifer Langille is a established sole-proprietor and will provide appropriate tax documentation. She also uses PayPal for processing electronic payments.